Hikers in Mountainous Landscape


What? Really? Yeah!

Welcome to Snakebite Paradise, a spot in the Julian Alps that seems to have been created just for doing what I love best: cycling. 

My name is Bram. Originally from Gent, Belgium, I bought a property in Slovenia with my girlfriend Liesbeth back in the summer of 2018. Together we started dreaming and renovating right away, in order to create our own little piece of heaven-on-earth. For me, it became clear very quickly there were a lot of opportunities to have fun around here. Since "fun" also is best not to be had all by yourself, I started to invite friends and fellow cycling-freaks over for some trips in the area. This is how Snakebite Paradise Cycling originated. I started building some tracks in our own backyard, but ended up coöperating with local trail builders and cyclists, who are very nice guys and pretty impressive riders. Together we consistently research and explore new possibilities, in order to keep our tours fresh, challenging, and -well- epic.





Obviously it has taken more than 7 days to create, but we are still very proud to share our discoveries and knowledge of this piece of paradise with you. Explore the Julian Alps and discover new local experiences through our carefully selected and thoroughly tested Enduro and All mountain trips

At Snakebite Paradise, we don't only offer prefabricated travel packages. There are some limits to our powers, but we love to provide you with flexible, tailored trips that fits you like a glove. It keeps things exciting for us, as well.

You can contact us for cycling trips up until 10 days (yeahyeah, you can have a day for resting, or 2, or 5) with a maximum of 4 people/guide. We want to provide quality and give you our full undivided attention.

We are flexible when it comes to difficulty but the terrain demands a good overall fitness. 

We offer accommodation through partnerships with local owners of apartments or campsites. Besides sleepy, cycling is also known for making you hungry & thirsty. To help you with this, we are able to provide breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for you and your friends. 

On this page below you can find out a little bit more about the rides we created. Feel free to check them out, and don't be shy, drop us a line to make things happen!



...Because adventure awaits

BOYS & their TOYS 

We invite you into our private garden full of homebuilt Snakebite Paradise trails, maybe even topping it off with a Belgian beer and BBQ. If you want more, even after that, there are plenty of bikeparks around for you to go out and play in. You can find more information on our tailored trips & clinics here.

Image by Julian Hochgesang


Looking for some gravel to grind? We can provide you with a few roads that will leave an impression!

Maybe you don't like company when you are grinding away, well that's fine! Let us plan your trip and help you with logistics. This way you can travel light and enjoy the experience 100%


Depending on your wishes, we take you on single or multi day mountainbike trips. From day long crosscountry trips to epic all mountain rides, we've got you covered.

Get creative, or let us do the brain breaking and just tell us what you are thinking of.  You can find more information about our all-in trips & clinics here.

max. 4p / guide

Free Style Mountain Bike

Gisteren een hele dag hardcore enduro gereden in Temljine, Slovenië, met Bram van Snakebite paradise! Dikke aanrader!

Allemaal natural trails met een hoogteverschil tot +250 meter, en zijn vriendin Liesbeth staat met de pickup klaar aan de bodem om je terug naar boven te brengen! Heerlijk!

Lucas, Belgium

Snakebite paradise is a pure MTB gem. Hidden in remote pristine nature, natural trails built with love and passion and nicest hosts and locals. I enjoyed it every single minute here. If you are not into crowded bike parks and wide highway flows, this is definitely the place for you.

Peter, Slovenia


Pushing hard, spending hours on your bike can put a strain on your body. As driven cyclists we know this better than anyone. For this reason, we also offer different ways to relax and renew after your exertion. Don't forget to inquire about our yoga-sessions for optimum recovery.