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I am Bram, founder of Snakebite Paradise.

As you might already know, I moved to Slovenia in 2019. For me, this exodus from Belgium was a very logical thing to do. Since as long as I can remember, I have loved cycling in every shape, way or form. I was always on the move with my BMX or later, my (various) mountainbikes. There is no bigger pleasure than sweating your balls off during the day, and relaxing at a bonfire with good friends & food in the evenings.  

Call me a modern caveman if you must, because I think of the great outdoors as one big playground. You can drop me in wild nature any time, I will still be having fun hiking, camping, climbing or building stuff with sticks and stones. In the past I spent a lot of my free time bouldering and climbing as well.

By now you can probably see why living in Slovenia with its steep mountain slopes and untouched nature is a dream come true for me.

The good news for you is: I am willing to share.


I am that nice of a guy.

Contact me, come over, and enjoy one of the tracks I was able to build in coöperation with my Slovenian friends. It will be epic!

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